April 2014

New Web Site

New Web Site A new year and a brand new look for the Skyelight Candles web site. This has been due to the fact that the company who host the shopping cart for us has been bought over and in order to stay with the original company it meant changing the whole look of the site. I was a bit sceptical at first because, I suppose I had grown used to the old site but we must move with the changes and hopefully you will like it too.
It has meant that I can add lots of new detail to the site. For instance, there is now a Loyalty Scheme in place along with a Referral Scheme - both of which can make you a bit of a saving on future purchases.
The pages are slightly easier to get through and I have to say it looks a lot cleaner and brighter. There is also a Customer Guest Book and the products are available to order through Amazon.
The postage system has been updated due to the fact the Royal Mail have made life extremely difficult for small sole traders like myself, with their weight + volume pricing. So, I have made the pricing simpler and it now relies on the amount you purchase as to the cost of the postage involved. I think this is a much fairer way of dealing with this anomaly and hope that it works out well.
However, as with everything that is new, there are sure to be hitches and glitches - if you come up against one of them, please let me know via email or phone - it's best to catch these things before they get out of hand!
Well, having spent the last month on this site - it is now time for me to get out into the shop and ready for opening Easter week. Best get the duster out first and give the shop a good clean from top to bottom since it has lain empty over the winter months. Then get the wax boiler on and it's full steam ahead!
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