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Grand Opening

Well ... not so much 'grand' as just open for the season! :)

Yes, that's the shop open now til the end of October this year. Am up to my armpits in wax making stock so forgot to post this last week - however, I had quite a few customers wander in - a couple of whom were delightful and chatty and actually bought something haha. That's the trouble when it rains up here - people waiting for the bus at the bottom of the drive just pop in to keep dry. I don't mind at all, at least they are dry and I have someone to chat with. 

Anyway, as I say, am open now but there are a couple of occasions when I am having to shut the shop due to hospital; appointments etc. The ones I know about are already on the Opening Hours section of the website but please do check that before making your way up to Staffin. I hate letting people down.

Best get back out to the workshop and pour more wax! Hope to see many of you during the year


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