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So excited - mugs!!

I am SO excited!! I know I should get out more but I have cracked the art of printing mugs and now I can't stop, I'm like a thing demented! The selection of 8 designs are listed now on the site under 'mugs' (where else??) and I am in the middle of putting a new page up for personalised mugs. These mugs can be ordered as singles or in multiples. All you need to do is send me the design you want and it will be carried out by the crazed mug printer of Staffin. I've always wanted to do printed mugs and have tried a couple of different methods - a few of which would have been OK if they were just for my own personal use but not for retailing but at last I have been let in to the Mug Printer Circle - a bit like the Magic Circle - and have been given the formula!! I hope you like them and, remember, if you want something special for someone special then I can do it for you - no matter what the design. 

Anyway, best get back to my mug press before I wear it out!!Here's one of the mugs!
Nick x

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