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Wet and miserable

Yes, another typical day on Skye - wet, windy and miserable. Seeing the bedraggled look on customers as they come in to the shop is quite sad but, as I always say: You don't come to Skye for the weather!!

Some news - I am putting the house up for sale again very soon and looking to move to pastures new. Although, at my age, this will definitely be the last move before ending up in some Old Folk's Home. That means that I will be closing down Skyelight Candles - that's the sad news. The good news is: I have got a couple of people on the island who are keen to take it over. Which means Skyelight will continue. 

It still bugs me that the other candle company on this island isn't big enough to admit they aren't the only candle making place on Skye. I'm fed up hearing customers come in and tell me stories of what they were told when they enquired about another candle shop on the island at their Broadford headquarters. They are NOT the only candle company on Skye. We are NOT closed. We are NOT a 'novelty candle shop'. OK we haven't got shops on the mainland. We're not trying to become 'world famous' - we are simply a company who has been making candles on Skye for 16 years and have been keeping a roof over our head ever since. Don't get me wrong, I think that making a success of your company is a wonderful thing but NOT at the expense of others. Anyway, I won't have to bother about them any longer after I move, so  wish them all the best!

Just to be clear: I am still open and will be until I either move from the island or the business is bought over. I will keep everyone up to date and I hope that, when the day comes and the business is in new hands, all my regular customers will continue to support them.

Best get the wellies on and get back out to the shop


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