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Undecided Time

It's that time of the year again. Easter is late this year and usually I don't open until the week before Easter but perhaps this year I might open a bit earlier. However, here's the quandary:

The house is up for sale but this time the business is being sold separately. I have had a couple of people interested in the house. Two are interested in continuing the business while one of them isn't. No definite offers have come through as yet but my mind is working overtime. What if the highest offer is the one who doesn't want the business? There were a couple of people interested in buying the business without the house but they have recently had a change of heart - so will Skyelight Candles be put to rest? Will 16 years of building the business from its roots in the cold dingy garage with a camping stove to a purpose built shop and workshop all have been in vain? The other side to this is, should I purchase more wax? Will I still be in this position in a year's time? Should I just close and sell everything on eBay? To put all this into perspective - I am the type of person when in a restaurant and faced with an extensive menu will chop and change his mind up to 6 times before I end up ordering something I didn't really want in the first place! Decisions are not my friend.

Ideally I would love the house buyer to purchase the company and continue it from its current location but I have to be sensible and think outside that particular box. So why am I sharing this angst with you? I suppose it is to let you know that the business itself may come up for sale and I do know there may be a slight chance that someone out there reading this blog might be looking for a life style change and may just wish to take over an established business. So, if you are that person or know of someone who might have that though, then let me know. Obviously I don't know for definite yet what is happening but it is always worth the discussion.

Anyway, with the thought that I might still be here in the next couple of months, I best get out there and start making up some stock!

Have a good Easter and hope the weather improves for us all


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