Personalised Mugs at Skyelight

At Skyelight Candles we can now offer a personalised service for mugs as well as candles

Most other sites will have a minimum order quantity but we can offer you anything from a single mug up to ..
well, as many as you want really!

Perhaps it is for a special occasion, perhaps you want a funny mug that is going to be a one-off or maybe you would like some mugs for your business or to promote something that is coming up in the future. Whatever it is, we can supply it.

All our mugs are good quality Durham style 10oz mugs that are glazed.

The sublimation process is carried out using high quality inks and, as long as the mug is cared for properly,
should last a lifetime. 

The design can be either on one side only, both sides (front and back) or a wrap-around - it really is entirely up to you.

You can send us your design print-ready or you can tell us the sort of thing you want and we will design it for you
(of course, the second option will be slightly more expensive than the first)
Things to consider with your design:

  • The quality of the design needs to be High Resolution so please do not send anything that is LESS than 300dpi. Anything less than that resolution may not give the best results in the final print
  • The design has to either belong to you or you must get permission to use a design that you have found (Skyelight Candles cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright)
  • For a Wrap-Around mug your design must be contained in a canvas that is 1043x834 pixels in size - anything smaller or not in that proportion may result in the image being cut off or being too small for the mug. Of course, the image inside that canvas can be smaller if you wish but not larger
  • For Front or Back image then please use a canvas size of 510x834 with your image contained inside those proportions
  • Designs should be sent either as a high quality TIFF, JPG or print-ready PDF. Please make sure to embed any fonts in your design - if you do not do this then any unusual fonts will default to Arial on our system
  • If you wish us to design your mug, then send us as much information as you can along with any ideas you have for graphics and fonts. You can always call us on 01470 562738 to discuss the design. A proof of the design will be emailed to you prior to the final mug(s) being printed


Single mug with your supplied design - £7.50 plus p+p

Single mug with a design made up by us - £10.50 plus p+p


1 - 6 mugs - £7.50 each plus p+p
7 - 12 mugs - £6.70 each plus p+p
13 - 20 mugs - £6.00 each plus p+p
21 + mugs - please enquire

No of mugs required:
I am attaching my design:
I wish you to design:
My design to include:
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