Are all of your products in stock?

All candles are made to order. Therefore allow 7 days for your order to be made up and sent out to you. If you are in a hurry for your order then please put this in the comment box of the order form so that we can take your item from stock and send it to you quicker. Holders, etc may have to be ordered but we will let you know as soon as you have placed your order and you can have the choice of either waiting for the order or cancelling.

Are your candles heavily scented?

Our candles are all made to provide you with a background scent in your room. They are not heavily scented like some other commercially available brands. We find that many people find those heavy scents too much after a while, so we have a more subtle scent. However, the fragrance tins are slightly more heavily scented than the actual decorative candles. So if you are looking for a stronger scent we would advise buying the tin rather than a candle. 

I bought a candle from one of your shops and I have problems with it

If you bought a candle from one of your shops on the mainland and you would like to talk to us about it, then I am afraid you have got the wrong company! We do not have shops on the mainland - that is Skye Candles in Broadford. Please contact them directly as we have no association at all with that company.

I burned my candle and there is a mess over my highly polished sideboard! What do I do?

All candles should be placed on a heat resistant surface and should be placed in/on a candle holder suitable for the purpose. We have a Safety page on the site which is always an idea to read before placing your candle in a position which you might consider to be suspect. Skyelight Candles cannot be held responsible for any accident caused by not following guidelines laid down on those safety pages. However, accidents do happen and if this is the case then you should take steps to remove the wax as soon as possible. Here is a handy link to a guide for removing wax from furniture and material.

I can't find the answer to my question. What do I do?

Click on "Contact Us" and let us know what your question is. We'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

I have seen candles that are cheaper!

Yes, so have I! I have seen candles that cost £1 but I am afraid that you get what you pay for! Many people come in to the shop and complain that they have bought a candle elsewhere much cheaper but it doesn't burn properly. That is because some of the mass produced candles don't even have the correct sized wick in them. You may have found that you had a candle that keeps leaving a pool of wax in the middle that you have to keep emptying and pare down the sides of the candle to keep it burning - that simply means it has the wrong size wick. Also, if it burns extra fast - it is a cheap wax. We only use top quality raw products and, since we are a small company, we cannot afford to buy in the huge bulk amounts of larger companies. Also each candle is hand crafted from the wicking of the mould down to the finished product, none of the candles are mass produced. This means that you will pay a little bit extra but we hope that you consider the product worth those extra pennies.