Hand crafted candles inspired by and made on the Isle of Skye
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We would like to apologise to anyone placing orders from the 7th November onwards.

There has been a problem with the website and emails and, as such, orders have not been filled as quickly as we would like.

This is being taken care of at the moment and hopefully the site and emails are back to normal.

If you are concerned about an order you have placed, please contact us via this emergency email address

Also: the workshop will be closed from Friday 27th November and re-open on Monday 7th December.

Orders placed during that period will be dealt with as soon as we are re-open.

The shop is also open Monday to Friday - 10am to 5pm - from the 7th December until the 24th (inclusive)


Candle Making Classes are available at Skyelight Candles workshop in Staffin on the Isle of Skye.

If you are going to be on the island and wish to participate in one of the classes then click the link below for more details.

You are taught the basics of candle making and you get to take the candle home that you have made in the class.
Click here for Details


Although the Isle of Skye is a magical place, it can sometimes get dark and eerie. This happens mostly during the winter months when darkness is never far away and storms lash the shores and gales keep the people indoors in front of the fire. We have tried to capture that feeling in this design and we hope you like it.
from 9.80


This little jar contains a selection of buttons - we all at one time in our life have been looking for the odd button - don't say it has never happened to you!!
Well, this is not only the solution but it comes with a black watch tartan pin cushion on the lid and 5 colour headed pins!
The ideal present for someone who sews a lot or who just keeps losing buttons!
There is a Cute As a Button ribbon round the lid along with a little sheep - well, why not?
The whole thing comes in a black box and ready to give out as a present from Skye


A basic church candle shape in ivory but with some enchanted faeries frolicking round the outside of it, however it doesn't end there - the candle, when lit, starts to glow in the inside and mysteriously change colours. This is only one in the range of fairy candles available from Skyelight Candles but it is the only one that has an inner glow!
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